Terms and Conditions


-Must have an existing business or aspire to be an entrepreneur 

-Must be forward-thinking and goal-oriented 

-Must be ready to contribute to the growth of the community 

-Must be ready to be dedicated and committed to the group 

-Must be ready to be an active member in terms of contribution (financial or otherwise) 

-Must be willing to take up leadership roles if it falls on them

-Must be ready to be actively involved in all activities of the association. 

-Must have an active online/ SM presence

-Must undergo registration and be ready -to pay association dues

-Must be a standardized business or be willing to embrace standardization 

-Must be open to learn and be teachable

-Must be a team player 

-Must be respectful and abide consciously by group rules 

-Must join IBH with the understanding that on their journey to growth, they will be required to GIVE BACK 

-Must attend association events or officially excuse themselves if valid reasons exist.